1 Austen Riggs Center, Inc., Stockbridge, Massachusetts. This investigation was supported by a Special Fellowship MF-17217 and a Research Grant, M-6354 (A) from the National Institute of Mental Health, USPHS; and by the Austen Riggs Center. The author is indebted to Dr. Roy Schafer and Dr. George S. Klein for their guidance, suggestions and criticism in the course of the investigation and the preparation of this manuscript. (Back to Article)

2 A more detailed account of the mystic experience and the de-automatization hypothesis has been prepared (4). (Back to Article)

3 It is interesting that the session was the first in which no sounds were played on the tape machine and the meditation was conducted in relative silence. (Back to Article)

4 One may infer from the Hochberg experiment, from the work with after-images (15, p. 222) and from recent work on the stabilized retinal image (5), that the more meaningful the percept, the more it resists breakdown. (Back to Article)

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